Current list of challenges – feel free to add suggestions

I am always interested in peoples comments and inspriations or suggestions for fresh challenges.  Please feel free to send me any suggestions

My current list of big challenges is:

  • Complete an olympic distance triathlon by end of September 2012 – COMPLETE 🙂
  • Leave my job and set up my own business – IN PROCESS
  • Complete a 10km run in under 60mins
  • Complete the London Triathlon in 2013 with the run under 60mins – Race entered
  • Swim the Dart 10km swim in 2013


  1. mark harries · · Reply

    Hi Rebecca, nice to meet you on the course, and thanks for the recommends too. I couldn’t find you on linked in. if you search my name, Mark Harries I’ll be the one with a red hat and jacket. email is

    All the best and look forward to reading some more of your posts.

    Oh and good luck with the Triathlon as well!

    Take care

    1. Thanks Mark – it was good to meet you too

      I have sent you a linkedin invite

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