Race History

On reading someone elses blog I saw they had a page detailing their race history and thought it was a good idea to keep track of events and times completed – and hopefully show progress (or not as the case may be!).  So I have shamelessly decided to borrow the idea 🙂

2010  Blenheim Sprint Triathlon:  Total time 1hr 58 mins

  • 750m swim (19mins 25), T1 (6min 06), 20km bike (50min 54), T2 (2min 05),  5km run (39min 37)

2011 Blenheim Sprint Triathlon:  Total time 2hrs 12 mins

  • 750m swim (20mins 15), T1 (7min 48), 20km bike (58min 17), T2 (2min 27),  5km run (43min 25)
  • I had issues with my chain falling off my bike several times on the cycle but I wasn’t as fit so was slower overall.  I also need to work on my transitions!

New wetsuit was purchased after Blenheim – Sailfish Marlin – much easier to get on and off and not as short in the body so easier to swim in

2012 Marlow Open Water Swim :  Total time 47 mins 24

  • 1500m swim   – involved swimming 750m against the current!

2012 Redricks 3 lakes swim:   Total time 50 mins 05                             

  • 2km swim around 3 lakes – includes all the entries and exits to lake which were very slow in my case!

2012 Diamond Triathlon Eton Dorney:  Total time 3hrs 31 mins

  • 1500m swim (33mins 21), T1 (3min 23), 42.5km bike (1hr 42min), T2 (2min 57),  10km run (69min 25)

2012 Hampton Court Open Water Swim: Total time 42mins 46

  • 2.25mile (3.62km) swim – very current assisted!

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