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Zero fitness to Olympic distance triathlon in less than 3 months – challenge completed:)

I have done it – I have successfully completed my first ever Olympic distance triathlon in what can only be described as monsoon like conditions. Why did autumn have to come with such a bang on the day of my race – especially with the day before being so gloriously warm and sunny?  But despite […]

Here I come, ready or not!

Well the big race day is dawning and the nerves are starting to kick in and I am starting to realise the sort of challenge I have let myself in for! I did my last training session before the race this morning,  I now have 2 rest days and am now starting to think about […]

Those old guys are quick up the hills! How do they do that?

Based on my last triathlon experience I realised that I need to train on my road bike (which I have only ridden about 4 times in the 2 years I have had the bike!) and not my favoured mountain bike.  The only problem is I’m not a big fan of cycling on the road and […]

Wayward zigzags, cow manure and daft ducks – I love it!

I have mentioned earlier that at the start swimming was my weakest of the three disciplines as I wasn’t very good at front crawl but I was determined for this to change (it is now running by a long way!).  For my first two triathlons I downloaded a swimming training programme off the internet designed for […]

Is it as easy as the Brownlee brothers make it look?

I have always been open to trying new ideas and activities – the reason I bought my mountain bike in the first place was that a friend suggested entering a multi-sport race (canoeing, running and mountain biking) – she had to wait for me on the run and then the roles were reversed in the […]