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Sunny Balmoral Castle

Running is more technical than you think!

In an attempt to get to love running I went on a running weekend up in Balmoral in Scotland.  Now this would have been fantastic IF I was able to run, however as my previous post mentioned the day I flew up there my sciatic nerve got inflamed preventing me from running which was most […]

Moral of the story – always get someone else to do the cleaning and avoid sports massages!

It all started about two weeks ago when I was cleaning the bath.  While bending over I felt some tightness in my hamstring and glute appear.  I have pulled muscles in the past as this was just a minor tweak.  It just felt like I needed to stretch out a bit more than usual.  I […]

Is drinking Coke to kill bugs an urban myth?

Talk to almost any open water swimmer or canoeist and they all seem to say have a can of coke after being in the water to prevent picking up any bugs or stomach upsets.  It’s even mentioned in some events race information but does it actually work or is it an urban myth? At the […]

Advice – like youth – probably wasted on the young

I’m guessing that all of us at some point wish they had listened to advice more and wish they had done certain things differently.  As I sit here today, I for one wish that I hadn’t forgotten about the advice from all my coaches about the importance of warming up and stretching before exercise.  I […]