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Zero fitness to Olympic distance triathlon in less than 3 months – challenge completed:)

I have done it – I have successfully completed my first ever Olympic distance triathlon in what can only be described as monsoon like conditions. Why did autumn have to come with such a bang on the day of my race – especially with the day before being so gloriously warm and sunny?  But despite […]

London has a right to proud this summer

Wow what a summer it has been for sport.  It started with Team Sky’s dominance in the Tour de France with not only the first ever British winner but a British top two.  Dave Brailsford has done wonders for British cycling in the modern era both on the track and latterly the road.  Surely a […]

Is climbing Kilimanjaro an achievement?

You may have read my previous post about the trials and tribulations of climbing Kilimanjaro.  The thing that I found surprising and which left me really puzzled was that despite it being the hardest thing I have ever done, I didn’t feel the sense of achievement I feel I should have got.  Don’t get me […]